Sunday, September 14, 2014

Where You Lead....

If you're out on the road
Feeling lonely and so cold
All you have to do is call my name
And I'll be there on the next train

Many of you might recognize these words to the Carole King song "Where you Lead." However, many probably recognize it better as the theme song from Gilmore Girls. If you've been living under a rock you've missed the most exciting news. All 153 episodes of Gilmore Girls are coming to Netflix at the beginning of October. For some this will be a trip down memory lane, for others a brand new experience, and for even more a return to familiar friends. Even Time is jumping in on the game. I'm glad to see the excitement about this show is still as high as when I first saw it on WB and the final season on CW. 

I will spare you the age old argument of Logan, Jesse, or Dean; as well as the Luke or Christopher argument. I just want you to know how much I am looking forward to re-watching this show.

Where you lead, I will follow
Anywhere that you tell me to
If you need, you need me to be with you
I will follow where you lead

Friday, September 12, 2014

As the Pages Turn: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan is the story of two young girls in the Hunan providence of China who are bound together in a laotong pair. This book follows these girls from their footbinding, through marriage, death, life, and old age.

 Raspberry and Tea - Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

“Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river.”  

This book was a leap from what I usually read. However, I really enjoyed it. It was one of the first books I've read set in China and it did not disappoint. The descriptions were enchanting and the relationship between the laotong reminded me of friendships I've had over the years. The reflection on a long life lived that this brings was insightful. Telling us that there is in fact times that we all make mistakes through life and let our pride and what we think we should do get in the way of what is right. 

I would recommend this book to friends. It's a little slow going but was an enjoyable read for those slow days. 

What books are you reading now? Do you recommend it?

Friday, September 5, 2014

Memory Lane: Ella Enchanted

Have you ever recently read a book that you read growing up? Were you disappointed? Or was it just as good as you remember?

Ella Enchanted

I had this experience over the last few days. I recently re-watched Ella Enchanted on Netflix. It was one of my favorite books growing up and I remember loving the audiobook just as much. This is inspired me to reread it. And let me just say it was just as good as I remember. The characters were just as relatable as I remember and the story just as compelling. I was rooting for Ella and Char from the beginning and when the end came I was glad I had waited. Ella's journey through her curse is moving and teaches the lesson of overcoming all obstacles in the way. Char is a remarkable young man who respects Ella and her decisions, even if he doesn't agree with them. (See what I'm saying? Great lessons!) 

Raspberry and Tea - Ella Enchanted Quotes

Is there a book you remember growing up that you want to reread?


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Much has happened over the last few months. The biggest change is that I am now employed (Yay!) and loving it!! If you had told me a year ago what my path was going to be between these two points of time I would not have believed you. Quick recap shall we?

-Move back to Oregon from Florida.
-Spend a month looking for a job.
-Go back to my college job.
-Go back to school for Event Management Certificate.
-Spend 9 months underemployed in retail.
-Continue to be rejected for jobs throughout. 

As you can tell it was one heck of a year. However, it did get better. With going back to school I was able to apply for internships again with Disney. Long story short.... I got another internship with Disney and am now living in Florida again and loving it!! Life has put me through a roller coaster of emotions this last year but finally I can say I have a job that I love! I'm making more friends, having more experiences, and loving Florida like I never thought I could (despite the heat)! 


Saturday, August 23, 2014


I have an addiction.... a book addiction, that is.

Since I've moved and all of my books are still in Oregon I've been buying up cheap books like crazy. This has presented itself as a problem since there is a Goodwill in my friend's neighborhood and every time I go over to their house I have to stop and spend at least 10-15 minutes looking through every single book the store has. This has given me a totally of 6 books that I want to read. Now the question is which book first? And when will I find the time? 

 I've already read Sisterhood Everlasting. It was an interesting experience revisiting characters who I grew up reading. The girls are almost 30 and dealing with situations that I sometimes find myself worrying about. Such as, what if I get so comfortable in my job and can't leave, what if I'm not made to settle down, what if I really am hiding from myself under layers of people...what if, what if, what if! Interesting read for this point in life. I don't know if I had read it a few years ago if I would have connected with the characters as well as I did. 

Which book next? Water for Elephants? The American Heiress? Under the Tuscan Sun? Or One Thousand White Women? All of them have their own strengeths and will lead somewhere new. Which should I choose?

Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Goals

How is it March already? It seems that January and February just flew by without a moments notice. I hope everyone has a wonderful month full of excitement planned. Anyways on to the goals and what March is for!

March Goals

1. Read 3 books. 

2. Read ONE article per day dealing with Event Management/Planning. 

3. Network

4. Go on TWO adventures. 

Have a wonderful month filled with excitement and adventure! Hopefully it brings many wonderful things. 

Happy Travels!

What is everyone's goals for the month?  

Monday, January 20, 2014

Why was I Dopey?

If you had told me a year ago that I would run a marathon in the next year I probably would have laughed at you and said you were crazy. I mean why in the world would I want to run a marathon? A half-marathon maybe but a marathon? Yea, right! And yet here I am on January 20, 2014 having already run a half-marathon and a marathon. Both things that I had never done before. This prompted me to think about why I decided to sign up for the Dopey Challenge and run a marathon when I've never had a desire to do one.

Why I signed up for the Dopey Challenge:
1. It included two inaugural events (10K and Dopey Challenge) and lots of shiny medals, both of which I am a sucker for. I mean just look at all the bling I got! 

2. My friends are very persuasive and once you do one runDisney event you want to do many many more. They are just that much fun!

3. When I registered last spring I was unsure if I would still be in Florida and figured it was a solid way to make sure I would be able to go back and visit. This plan seems to have worked because I got to visit my friends and have wonderful amounts of fun!

4. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do this. No matter what else was happening in my life I could complete the Dopey Challenge and live to tell about it. And guess what... I DID!! I have never felt better about myself than I did the day after completing the marathon. I was on cloud 9! (At least when I could get out of bed.)

The Dopey Challenge was one of the most reckless un-thought out things I have ever done and though I'm not sure I will be signing up for next year's (unless I get talked into it again) I am glad that I did it this year. I would not trade the feeling of holding that medal and being able to do this with one of my best friends for anything. Thanks for pushing me to be great Elena!


P.S. The picture of my friend and I was taken after dinner outside the restaurant. It should have taken us 5 minutes to walk from our hotel room to the restaurant.... it took us 10. C'est la vie.